The QPSMR Companion program is often used to process large surveys with hundreds of questions and thousands of questionnaires. In order to keep the Main window example screens simple and easy to read, only small questionnaires and data files have been used.

If you would like to see the questionnaire from which the Main window example screens were generated, please use the following link:

Rosa’s Restaurant Questionnaire

Companion Main window

If you would like to see Main window example screens and some basic information about some of the Companion’s main window menus, please use the following links:

For further information about any of the Main window menus, please visit the Companion’s Product page. Alternatively, please consult the Companion’s on-line manual using the link below:

Link to the Companion on-line manual

Main window screens: triple-s standard

In addition to the above Main window menus, you can also see an example screen and read further information about Companion’s menu which covers importing & examining triple-s files.

The triple-s standard will provide you with the following:

  • an XML file, containing the schema (information about the questions)
  • an ASC file, containing the data (the respondents’ answers to the questions)