Below is a brief description of the QPSMR Companion suite of programs. In order to view a complete list of the products’ features in the latest release, please follow the link to the on-line manual below:

Link to the Companion on-line manual

Companion extended


For paper, CAPI and CATI surveys

Easy to use questionnaire set up

Data collection, import, export, weighting, etc

Moreover, powerful analysis and reporting

Firstly, Companion is a Windows program for Market Research that uses the .Net Framework for speedy and reliable results. There is also an Android Input program available.

Companion can also be used for processing satisfaction surveys, product tests, advertising awareness, business-to-business (B2B), mystery shopping, panel research, quality control surveys and social and opinion polls.

Furthermore, survey results can easily be imported from on-line surveys.

In addition, there are various Companion versions and some parts of Companion are free to use, without a licence:

Companion extended

Free-to-use Companion

In order to view information about the standard Companion licence, sometimes referred to as Insight, please use the following link:

Companion extended

Standard Companion

Also, the Extended Companion licence which, at a small extra cost, contains specialised facilities that are useful for large or complex projects.

Companion extended

Extended Companion

Finally, the CATI Companion includes the Extended Companion’s features and is an ideal telephone interviewing solution. Furthermore, it includes sample management, quota control and appointment handling.

Companion extended

CATI Companion

Companion Reflect

Companion Reflect

Licence free

End user analysis for project managers and clients

Powerful cross tables formatted as required

In addition to new filters, variables and statistical tests

Additionally, you can download the Companion Reflect program and produce Excel tables from Reflect databases. Further information on the Reflect program can be found on the following page:

Companion Reflect Product page

Companion Input

Companion Input

Licence free

Easy to use, fully controlled data collection

For paper surveys and CAPI using keyboard or mouse

Moreover, it can be used in-house or by outworkers/data entry companies

You can download the Companion Input (Windows or Android) program and enter data for paper and CAPI projects. In addition, information for the Input programs is available on the following page:

Companion Input Product page

Companion CL

QPSMR CL Classic

Powerful programming language

For experienced spec writers

The Command language is one of the leading scripting systems for cleaning data and producing tabulations from Market Research data. In addition, it is fully compatible with the Companion programs. For more information on the QPSMR CL program, please visit our:

QPSMR CL Classic Product page

Companion Telin

QPSMR Telin Classic

Comprehensive telephone interviewing solution

In addition, a licenced data entry system for telephone interviewing.  Furthermore, Telin is used with a Companion CATI licence and includes all the facilities of Input for other types of data entry, see Input. In order to see further information on the QPSMR Telin Classic program, please visit our:

QPSMR Telin Classic Product page


Finally, for information about Companion licences, please visit our Licensing page or alternatively email the Companion’s authors (full details are on our About page), or visit our Dealer page.