The QPSMR Companion runs under Microsoft Windows, using a standard Microsoft Windows interface .Net Framework, without the need to learn a complicated scripting language. In addition, we also have an Android Input program available.

Companion extended

Standard Companion

For paper and CAPI surveys

Easy to use questionnaire set up

Data collection, import, weighting, export, etc

Powerful analysis and reporting

Companion provides a comprehensive system for Market Research analysis. In addition, it uses industry standards for data file storage and support the published triple-s XML standard for data transfer.

Furthermore, the Companion is used to: set up projects, enter data for paper and CAPI projects, merge, weight and export data, produce summary reports, set up and run tables, and drill down (tables and distinction).

For further information on the facilities in the latest release, please see our recent posts. The program is available for download from NetMR Scotland’s Companion download website:

Companion Download page

Standard Licence facilities

In addition to the Companion’s free-to-use features, users with a relevant licence can:

Set up a project

Create and update complete project master files.

You can find a list of the types of question listed below:

  • Single response from a closed list
  • Multiple response from a closed list
  • Open ended response
  • Integer
  • Float
  • Character
  • Date and time

If you require CAPI and CATI interviewer instructions, these can also be included.

In addition, the Companion includes facilities for:

  • Filtering and routing
  • Carrying forward earlier responses to later questions
  • Randomising questions and response lists
  • Showing images and videos during the interview

Furthermore, additional entries (called variables) can be created using logic and arithmetic from responses. These entries can be used for filtering and routing later in the interview, and also for analysis.

Print questionnaires

Produce a HTML file with the questionnaire details in a variety of formats.

Handle data files

  • View, check and edit raw data files (fixed layout or spreadsheet format)
  • View, check and edit data files as questions, including verbatim answers
  • Export and list data
  • Move data from one project to another
  • Combine data files
  • Merge data files

Weight data

In addition, you can calculate weights using any number of entries and responses as rims or targets using values and percentages.


The data collected, or information obtained from almost any other program, can easily be analysed using the powerful cross tabulation system included in Companion.

Furthermore, question and response texts are used as labels, and tables are automatically numbered, formatted and displayed in your preferred spreadsheet program. In addition, a sheet showing hyperlinks to each table is included as a “contents page”.

In addition, tables can be filtered and many options are available to control the contents and layout of your tables; for example, you can include different types of percentages, response ranking, set the number of decimal places, apply statistics and significance tests, as required.


For information about Companion licences, please visit our Licensing page or alternatively, email the Companion’s authors (full details are on our About page), or visit our Dealers page.

Help Files

In addition, the program will install with a help file and context help is accessible via the F1 key.  If you could like to view the manual, please use the following link.  Please do not copy this without permission from the authors.

Link to the Companion on-line manual