Licensing FAQs

How do I obtain the software?

You can download and distribute the complete QPSMR Companion software MSI file or ClickOnce install from the NetMR Companion Download website. You will then be able to use a number of the facilities including data entry and drill down tables without a licence, however you will need a licence for many of the features. Please see our:

Companion Download page

The downloaded software has a complete help file which is also available as an on-line manual on the Companion Download website’s Resources page.

There is also a separate Input program for those who only need to enter data, please see our:

Companion Input page

What is a Companion licence?

A licence is a small XML file that you obtain from the software Authors or from your Dealer.

This licence is activated on each PC using the Companion [Tools] menu. Once activated, you will be able to access the licensed modules.

Licences typically last for one year, although shorter and longer licences are available.

What is an extended Companion licence?

These licences enable extra facilities useful for large or complex projects, see Extended Companion for details of these additional facilities.

How do I activate my licence?

To activate a licence with the [Tools] menu, you need a key and a password which will be sent to you by your Dealer, as well as the licence XML file itself.

You can have a number of licences activated on the same PC. Modules will be available if they are in any of the current “live” licences.

Licences are normally activated for the PC so that any user on the PC can use the software. You can choose to activate the licence for the current user only. This may be necessary on diskless workstations.

How do I get upgrades?

You can download a new version of the Companion at any time from NetMR Scotland’s Companion Download website or your Dealer’s website. You do not need a new licence unless you wish to use facilities that your current licence does not include. Please see our:

Companion Download page

You can have a number of Companion versions installed at the same time on your computer. Your activated licences will work with any version of the software that is not more than 2 years old.

What about my projects if I no longer have a licence?

The free facilities in the Companion are provided so that users without a current licence can still get access to project data and meta-data in a usable form. In particular, anyone can use the Companion to convert project files into a triple-s project for use with other software

What is the Microsoft .NET Framework?

The .NET Framework is a set of Microsoft programs that are needed to run .NET programs. You need the correct version of the Framework to be installed before you can run .NET programs that rely on it. You can have any number of Frameworks installed at the same time.

The .NET Framework is included with recent Windows operating systems.

If you do not have the relevant .NET Framework installed on your computer, you will be prompted to download this when you install the Companion software.