Command Language (CL)

QPSMR CL (Classic)

A powerful programming language

for experienced spec writers

The Command language engine is one of the leading scripting systems designed for use by experienced spec writers. The software can be used to clean data and produce tabulations from Market Research data.

The authors have written the Command Language software in C++. CL includes a preprocessor, with formatting and data manipulation facilities that enable users to convert .stp files into pre-processed .stpn files. This facility enables users to easily produce state of the art tables.

Also, an add-on option in Companion allows the use of the preprocessor to control the production of a Command Language (CL) script.

Furthermore, Companion programs can include Command Language syntax tables, which allow you to insert CL instructions or include an entire Command Language file in your analysis.

For more information on the facilities in the latest program release, please see our recent posts accessed via the Companion Download website.

The program will install with a help file, and context help is accessible via the F1 function key. In addition, you can also view the program manual using the link below. The Companion authors request that users do not copy the program without their express permission.

Link to the QPSMR CL on-line manual