The QPSMR Companion free-to-use facilities enable tables to be produced and inspected by anyone who has downloaded the software.


Companion Free-to-use

Export, data and metadata from Companion projects

Inspect raw data files from other systems

Produce tables

You can produce tables and distinction analysis in Excel (OpenXML). In addition, you can convert CSV tables from CL to formatted Excel with a table of contents. These can then be analysed using a supplied Reflect database (qrf or qrfx).

Input data

The program enables users to input data using a supplied Input file (qpsmrinp).

triple-s XML

Furthermore, Companion enables users to inspect and export triple-s data.

  • View all the questions and related texts
  • View summary counts from the data
  • Make a CL script (STP), a Quantum script or an SPSS syntax (SPS)

Data export

Also, you can inspect and export data from an existing project, even if your Companion licence has expired.

Raw data file view

Finally, any standard market research raw data file can be viewed and edited.

  • Fixed format character (ASC)
  • Comma separated value (CSV)
  • Binary: NetMR style (CBA), Quantum style (CBE), IBM 360 style (CBI)
  • A single level XML file
  • View CSV data from the clipboard

Licence free Companion programs

  • Companion Reflect, which replaces QPSMR Reflect for end user analysis
  • Companion Input, which replaces QPSMR Input for entering paper and CAPI surveys