You can see below an example of the QPSMR Companion Help menu and its associated options, which you can access from the Companion’s Main window menu:

Companion Help menu screenshot

The software’s Help menu contains the following options:

  • Contents
    • The Contents option directs you to the Companion’s on-line manual. If you would like to view our manual, please follow the link below for further details.
  • Help about
    • The Help about function shows the current Companion software version number.
    • In addition, Help about provides information about the software authors, our dealers, the Companion’s installation method, as well as providing a copy of the software’s End user licence agreement.
    • Furthermore, Help about has an option to display a list of the current activated licences.
    • Finally, users can see if the software currently used has some functionality that is free to use.
  • Check for Updates
    • If your Companion requires updating, the Check for Updates facility will automatically update the software to the latest version.
    • Following an update, Companion users will then be requested to restart the program.

If you would like to read more information about the Help menu, or any of the software’s other menus, please visit the Companion Product page or consult our on-line manual:

Link to Companion on-line manual