NetMR Android privacy policy

NetMR Scotland Limited’s Android Input Privacy Policy for the website

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Companion Input is a Market Research data collection program which is intended for use only by trained Market Research interviewers.

Market Research interviewers use Companion Input to conduct pre-defined interviews.  The program supplies qpsmrinp files containing the questions that are not under the control of the interviewer.

Android privacy policy – Data Collection and Storage

Companion Input collects only Market Research data as user conduct interviews.

Companion Input can only be used to collect data controlled by a qpsmrinp file produced by a licensed copy of the QPSMR Companion Windows program.

The user can only obtain the qpsmrinp files from a secure FTP site and the Companion Input program stores these in a private space.

The only data which Companion Input collects is the answers to questions that the user enters, under the control of the qpsmrinp file. Then, the program stores these as records in the private space of the Companion Input program.

The program securely uploads these data records to an FTP site, which the qpsmrinp file controls, at the end of interviewing.  In addition, the QPSMR Companion program then includes these uploaded records in analysis.

Companion Input has no access to any files outside its private space.

The program collects data records that contains only data that the user enters as a result of the interviewee answering questions, with the following optional data:

  • Users can include GPS coordinates in the data, but only if the qpsmrinp file requests this and the user specifically grants the necessary location permission for Companion Input in advance.
  • Users can include the (login) username in the data, but only if the user has granted the necessary account permission for Companion Input in advance.  The program only collects the name of the account, to identify the interviewer conducting the interview.

Companion Input does not collect or share data, other than interview records.

All interviews should start with disclosure of the organisation conducting the interview.


When agreeing to the interview, the interviewee gives implicit consent to collection of interview data.

Sharing of Data

Companion Input does not use third-party programs, or collect /share data, other than answers to questions asked during the interview.

Sensitive Data Access

Companion Input does not collect sensitive data, unless it is in answer to questions asked during the interview.  It is the responsibility of the organisation conducting the interviews to properly handle any sensitive data.

It is standard practice in Market Research to collect data anonymously.  Companion Input does not automatically collect personal identification of the interviewee.