The Companion Input (Windows, Android and QPSMR Classic) programs are licence free and can be used to enter data from paper or during a CAPI interview.

Licence free

Easy to use, fully controlled data collection

For paper surveys and CAPI using keyboard or mouse

Use in-house or by outworkers/data entry companies

Data is entered using the questionnaire generated with any Companion licence.  The full Companion program can be used for input, however, there is a separate program for those who only need to enter data.

For more information on the facilities in the latest release, please see our recent posts.

These programs will install with a help file and context help is accessible via the F1 key.  The manual can also be viewed here (see below).  It should not be copied without permission from the authors.

Companion Input (Windows)

Companion Input (Windows) can be used for paper and CAPI (Computer Assisted Personal Interviews).

Companion Input (Windows) download page

Link to the Companion on-line manual

Companion Input (Android)

Companion Input (Android), for devices running OS version 6 or above, can also be used for CAPI projects.

Companion Input (Android) download page

Link to the Companion on-line manual

QPSMR Classic Input

QPSMR Classic Input can be used to verify paper input from questionnaires or other documents.

QPSMR Classic Input may NOT be used for data collection by telephone interview. For telephone interviewing (CATI – Computer Assisted Telephone Input) a QPSMR Telin licence is required.

QPSMR Input (Classic) download page

Link to the QPSMR Input/Telin on-line manual