Please visit the following on-line manual links for the relevant QPSMR Companion products:

Link to the Companion on-line manual

Link to the QPSMR Input/Telin on-line manual

Link to the QPSMR CL on-line manual

For information about how leases work in Companion, please visit our Licensing page.

For information on Companion’s other documentation (weighting, statistics, repeat questions and Winsock dialler), please visit NetMR Scotland’s Companion Download website using the links below:

Weighting page

Statistics & Significance testing used on tables

Handling repeated questions (or blocks of questions)

Winsock connection to PDS

This is used by QPSMR Telin to request sample telephone numbers be dialled, or for numbers from a PDS (predictive dialler system) to be put through and the relevant sample record retrieved.

Winsock dialler page

To see some examples of the Companion’s screens, please see:

Example Screens